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Let's add it all up!

Arrest, jail, a criminal record, news articles, embarrassment, VIP Meetings, mandatory
substance abuse counseling, counseling fees, legal fees, court appearances, fines,
inflated insurance rates, loss of insurance, license suspensions or revocation, loss of
work or job, dignity, family and more...

To incur all this expense and punishment from the DUI Industry, the average 120
pound woman merely needs to consume two, 6 ounce glasses of wine.

Under certain circumstances, the same 120 pound woman or even a 220 pound man
may test over the .08 BAC limit after consuming as little as one half (1/2) ounce of
[Note: The 'DAMM Reminder Card' explains how this fact can work to your advantage.]

Who is pursuing real criminals while local law enforcement is targeting you?

Real criminals don't pay fines, real criminals costs the government money; court
costs, public defenders, prisons, correctional custody officers, etc.

Compared to pursuing burglars, car thieves, and drug dealers, it is much easier, less
risky and more profitable to sit in the shadows waiting to arrest a driver who has just
spent an evening socializing with friends during a sports event.


DAMMs plan... Each State has the power to pass any law that suits its agenda,
with no concern over Constitutional violations. However, any law or procedure
adopted by any State may be struck down in Federal Court if that law or
procedure is found to violate Civil or Constitutional Rights.

By successfully challenging the law in any single State, DAMM can set the
precedent to challenge similar laws in all 50 States.

Aside from the satisfaction of striking back at the DUI Industry, DAMMs
members receive additional services and vital information that many attorneys
simply don't have or don't take the time to share with their clients.
[You will find a
detailed list of these on the next page.]


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