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Before we continue with our general information page we would like to shed some
light on how the DUI Industry manipulates statistics to justify its actions.

The Bureau of Statistics declares that, "If any person involved in an accident is
found to have any amount of alcohol in their blood stream, the accident is declared
alcohol related." i.e.; If a sober driver loses control of his car which jumps a
curb and strikes a pedestrian who is drinking a glass of wine in a sidewalk cafe - that
accident is declared 'Alcohol Related'.

e.g. One foggy morning on a Santa Monica freeway, a driver who struck the back of
a 15 car pile-up was found to have a trace amount of alcohol in his blood stream.
Subsequently the accident was declared alcohol related.

It is also a regular practice to declare any accident with
'Unknown Causes' as
"Alcohol Related" as well. These misrepresentations boost the statistics which are
subsequently used by MADD and the rest of the DUI Industry to site the need for
increased enforcement, which of course translates into greater fine revenues.

A New England Journal of Medicine report states that, "The risk of getting into an
accident while talking on a
cellular phone is the same as driving with a .10% Breath
Alcohol Concentration." So where are the laws against talking on a cellular phone?

Obviously, legislators will not pass any law that they can be caught breaking on
camera. This also explains why they haven't approved the
"Automated Speed Trap"

Automated (radar controlled) speed trap systems are installed on roadways to track
speeding vehicles. After the system photographs speeding vehicles, a central
computer reads the licence plate number using character recognition software, then
automatically mails a ticket to the registered owner.

The mailer contains; a print out showing the vehicles speed, a picture of the car,
license plate, driver, and any
companion (?) that might be with the legislator.


VIPs (Victim Impact Panels) are live theatre, promoted shamelessly by court systems
to exploit the anguish of people whose lives have been tragically shattered by the
actions of a drunk driver.

Although DAMM openly expresses its heartfelt sympathy for all the victims of any
tragic loss of life - DAMM members stop short of accepting responsibility for the
actions of other drivers

Like every other aspect of the DUI Industry, from local news articles, to mandatory
substance abuse counselling - VIPs are designed to
break your will to resist whatever
expenses and fines the DUI Industry wishes to impose upon you.

The real VIPs' are the cops and other officials who 'Drive Under the Influence' but
never receive a DUI citation because of their position.


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Last updated Friday, December, 5, 2003