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Below, and throughout this site you will find excerpts and information from various sources which will provide you with greater insight into the DUI Industry. Although laws and procedures may vary from state to state, the basic principals remain consistent.


The truth about MADD - a good idea gone BADD !

Now bloated by its success into a big business with a multi-million dollar payroll, The MADD Organization is forced to develop "new markets" (.10, .08, .06 etc.) to remain relevant and profitable.

MADD's strategy is to continually fight to broaden the definition of "Drunk Drivers" to include responsible social drinkers.

Today the statistics indicate that only 1 in 82 DUI citations are being issued to the chronic drunk drivers who are responsible for the fatalities cited by MADD activist.
The remainder of these citations are being issued to responsible drivers, many with years, even decades of excellent driving records.

Is .05% on the horizon?; According to some, "If .08% is good, .05% is better. That's where we're headed, it doesn't mean that we should get there all at once. But ultimately it should be .02%."
- Steve Simon, Chairman, DWI Task Force.

Odd things happen when the law is pushed to the edge of reason. How far can DUI laws be stretched to prosecute people who drink and "drive" but not necessarily behind the wheel of a car? Do the DUI laws apply if you have a drink and drive a bicycle? What about horse? Can you suffer DUI penalties even though you have never actually driven a car?
News Watch

A fellow named Daniel Wells decided to have a few drinks and go for a bicycle
ride in the small western Washington city of Montesano. He made the
mistake of doing so about 3 a.m. when he passed before the watchful eye of
Montesano police officer Steve Needham, who was on patrol. You know the
rest of the story!

Whether it's paying $300.00 for a $12.00 hammer or passing laws which violate your Constitutional Rights, there's only
one way to understand the actions of government...

Follow the Money!!!

The DUI Industry - who gets what?

Politicians get
valuable press and special interest votes!

MADD gets $200,000,000.00 in contributions!

Cops get easy arrests & DUI Court overtime pay!

[In many jurisdictions, DUI Officers have a greater income than even their Chief of Police.]

Courts get hundreds of millions of dollars from DUI fines and...
believe it or not, from selling DUI Ticket lists to lawyers!

[With fines 10 to 15 times greater than the average speeding ticket, you can be sure that

the 'DUI Trap' will continue to replace the 'Speed Trap' as a favorite source of income.]

Lawyers get lists & Lincolns!

[Although there are many attorneys opposing the DUI Industry (see 'Members' page),

the primary occupation of the legislators who pass DUI legislation is - Lawyer!]

The Insurance Industry gets higher profits from bigger premiums!

YOU get the bill...

$11,400,000,000.00 ($11.4 Billion dollars) per year and growing.


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