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Members emails

Most of the DAMM organization is staffed by volunteers whose greatest rewards are the letters we receive like those shown below.



Dear DAMM,

I followed the instructions on the reminder card and watched a frustrated cop get back into his car and drove off, no doubt looking for an easier target.

Thank you again,

Dave S. Gary, IN.

Ps. I didn't get home until 2:30AM but I sat down and e-mailed everyone I could think of with your URL.


... although I didn't find your site until after I'd received my DUI, the information was helpful in getting the charges reduced to reckless driving.

I'll be watching for your list of the State Legislators who voted for these laws. In the meantime, I'll be paying more attention to news about any new laws being proposed.

Cheryl T. Kittanning, PA


... the DUI was dismissed before it even got into court. Every time I make an insurance payment now, I send DAMM a donation that's not even a tenth of what DAMM has saved me in premiums alone.

Thanks, Dan D. Escondido, CA



A friend told me about DAMM after I got a DWI last month. At the time I was
very shaken up by the ordeal but after visiting the DAMM site I started doing
a little of research on my own, and now I'm just DAMM mad.

This is nothing but political extortion and pressure tactics of another
special interest group (MADD). When MADD isn't pressing corporations for
money they're monitoring the courts and campaigning against judges and
prosecutors who refuse to serve MADD's out of control agenda.

Anyone who challenges MADD is immediately labelled as some sort of heretic.

As a teacher (U.S. History) I am familiar with 'out of control' political
power agendas:
Innocent Americans committing suicide rather than face the
Congressional hearings of Senator Joseph McCarthy.
Prohibition (the 18th Amendment) turning citizens into criminals, while judges, cops
and politicians got rich along with other infamous figures like AL Capone.
Unarmed Kent State University students gunned down by the military
for protesting the war in Vietnam.

Through the centuries, government has actively promoted the actions of any
organization that favored increased government powers over citizens. Now
government has an ally (MADD) that helps it increase its' revenues as well.

I hope that you will publish this letter and let me know what else I can do to assist DAMM's efforts.

E.B. Arlington, VA

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